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Staying Organized with many projects


Organization is a state of mine.  For some organization is making a list, for others it is about establishing order in their surroundings. For me, it is about making a list and keeping order with the items I need to work the list.

I  keep 3 to-do-list.  The first list is for my paying career.  This list is divided into two sections; things to do and things to follow-up on. Now some folks might say that to follow-up on is a to-do so why divide the list.  The to-do is new projects or simply task. The follow-up side of the list is old projects or things I am waiting on.

My second to-do-list is for my volunteer activities (humane society, free health clinic, red cross, and 5K event).  I keep this list in the same format as my paying career list.

The third list is for me. This is the list I keep of things I want to do, books I want to read, topics I want to look up.  I keep this list on my Samsung Galaxy tablet.  I have it with everywhere I go.  I can quickly download a book from my list on the Samsung Galaxy tablet.  I can research a topic (like how to knit a scarf).  I can catch-up on my blog reading (Bloglovin).  It is amazing how finding the right device can help keep you organized.

Check back tomorrow to see how I am going to organize my blog post –
~ Connie Kay ~