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Using A Shared Calendar and To-Do List


Welcome to Simply Organized Life, where every day is a new day. My husband (aka the Big Man) says that every minute is a new beginning with me.  I generally have at least three projects going at one time, and another one or two in the planning phase.

Today I am going to talk about how we use Cozi a digital family organizer. I have received no compensation for my thoughts, this is just me sharing what I think about the product.

To help keep us both stay on the same plan we have recently started using the simple digital family organizer, Cozi.  Cozi is easily downloaded to the phone of each family member.
cozi_2Cozi,  helps coordinate and communicate everyone’s schedules and activities, track grocery lists, manage to do lists, plan ahead for dinner, and keep the whole family on the same page.

For us the grocery list has proven to be a prefect match for our shopping habits.  In the past we kept a paper list in the kitchen. Often one of us would stop at the grocery store and not have the list.  We would return home without essentials that we needed.  Now, we keep a running list in Cozi. After making the weekly menu, I simply add what we need to Cozi and whoever gets to the grocery store has the list at their fingertips.  We also keep our weekly menu in Cozi, this allows the Big Man to know what is going to be on the table for dinner and what we are going to share for lunch (we try to have lunch together Monday – Friday).

Between running my own family practice and a free health clinic, operating our boarding kennel, coordinating care of my dad, writing a weekly column for the local humane society, helping out with my husbands re-election campaign (he is currently a quorum court justice) and keeping our fourteen old rescue dogs healthy and safe, my to-do list is always a mile long and often my husband has no clue what I have on my plate.

Cozi cozi_1
allows me to add task to the to-do-listthat I can delegate to others.  I can create a personal to do list, a Big Man to-do list, or a list of task for our staff to complete.

The calendar is also a valuable addition for our family.  Our grandsons play baseball and football. Their parents have access to our calendar so they can add the boys’ events. This helps us coordinate our weekly activities, so that we can arrange our schedules to include the boys’ events.

In our very busy world, where every day can be a new beginning usingCozi had helped us become more efficient and better connected as a family team.

If you are looking digital organizer, I suggest Cozi. Cozi is truly a simple digital management solution for busy families.  I would love to hear about the tools you use to simplify your life.
~ Connie Kay A ~


31 Day – Writing Challenge


Hey, Ya’ll
Welcome to My Simply Organized Life.

Several years ago I realized that I am busy and disorganized. I started this blog to help me focus on organization. In my busy life, I quickly realized I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with blogging. This little space,  Simply Organized Life,  has set quietly waiting on me to show back up.

We Ya’ll, here I am.  Starting a 31 Day- Writing Challenge.  Over the next 31 days I will be sharing my attempts at leading a simple organized life.

A little about me, I am married to the love of my life a.k.a The Big Man. We have five children and 5 perfect grandsons.
I am a family nurse practitioner, I work with awesome physicians who let me have my own little corner of their world to care for my patients. I run a free health clinic 2 nights a month. The Great River Charitable Clinic has been open for 6 years, we provide medical, dental, optometry and  pharmacy at no cost to those without insurance.  The Big Man and I own an operate Bed and Biscuit Boarding.  We live on a little piece of land, where we love and care for 14 rescue dogs and 10 chickens.  And, in August of 2014 my 87 year old father who has vascular dementia moved in with us.

Are you tired yet???  This is my life ~

Over the next 31-Days I will be sharing with you how I handle this crazy blessed unorganized life of mine.
I hope to see back daily

Growing Organizational Skills in 2014


As 2014 begins I have a few big projects on my plate:
1. Studying for my Nurse Practitioner Certification
2. Setting up a new Family Practice Office and begin seeing patients
3. Clearing the land and building a new building
4. Opening a dog-boarding business
5. Earing certification for the Diabetes Self-Management Program for the free clinic
6. Running a half-marathon
7. Earning my certification as a Yoga Instructor/Therapist.

So, how will I accomplish all of this????
First I am going to review a few books I have read on organization – check back next week to see how I set up my system.
Books on Organizaiton

~ Connie ~