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Organizing for the Puppy Sitter


his week has been a challenge for me. I have new projects at work and we had family at home for Easter. This week we are leaving on vaction Thursday.

Remember I am mom to 12 four-legged babies. Being a mom to four-legged babies requires planning just like being mom to human babies.

Our youngest human daughter is going to babysit for us. The following is a list of tasks to prepare for our time away from home.
~ a list of phone numbers including the vet
~picture ID of each four-legged baby
~ a list of what to do in case of a basic emergencies (like where we keep the first aide kit and leashes)
~ instructions on who can play with who (not everyone gets along)
~ a stock of food and treats

Now if I can remember to have fun and not worry about the babies.


Prep time Easter Lunch Planning


Good Morning World. I have a busy blessed day ahead. Just like you prep for a good meal we should prep for a good day. Spend some time every morning reviewing your schedule for the day. Planning makes you feel in control even when an unplanned task shows up.

Today I will prepare for Easter Lunch All of the kids but two will be home for Easter. Lunch for 16. Please leave me suggestions for what to cook.
Have a simple organized blessed day ~ ConnieKay

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Monday’s Schedule –


Organization is a skill – but so is living a simple blessed life.  Using a daily-to-do-list helps me stay organized.  I also use my iphone calendar synched to my Outlook Calendar.  I know the simple task of keeping a calendar is not rocket scientist work – yet sometimes I look at my calendar at the end of the day and ask myself: What did I accomplish today? Where did today go?

In Simple terms – I kept my work obligations, shared my blessing with my community work, and had a little me time.


Today is Monday, my schedule probably looks like many of yours – dogs to walk, morning meetings, board meeting, Grandsons ballgame, dogs to walk, papers to grade, and exercise.

What do you wear that will move from board room to ballgame?  Today the dress is black capris, gray t-shirt and a black sweater with black flats.  Simple jewelry – diamond studs, wedding ring on the left anniversary ring on the right, watch and my favorite bracelet, Brighton Charms

If you do not want to spend big bucks on jewelry but want to look elegant check out Bamboo Pink

Hello world! Today is the first day of my life as an organized blogger


Today is the first day of the rest of my life as an organized blogger.  My goal is to share with the world how to live a simple, organized, blessed life. 

According to Tsh Oxenreider “Holistic living means that your spiritual, realtional, emotional, intellectual, physical, and fianancial lives are working together” (Organized Simplicity).  In my life these parts sometimes conflict with each other.  But, through trial and error along with reading many books on organization, I have learned how to juggle it all.

I have made a couple of new committments – I would like to share one of them with you.

Today, I made a committement to become active with Bamboo Pink.   I hate to get up in the morning and try to decide what to wear.  See I never realy know what my day is going to hold. Somedays it is medical staff and hospital board meetings.  Somedays I am called on suddenly to be an extra set of hands in the ED followed by committee mettings and a grandson’s ballgame after work.  My cloths have to be flexible – my hair simple, make-up easy to put togehter and my jewlery tasteful to complete the look. 

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Visit often and see  how I incorporate Bamboo Pink into my organized life.
~ Connie ~